Running Fuel

Friday, July 07, 2006

Let's hear it for Fridays! As a fun-loving girl I look forward to the weekend; as a runner I know it will be a bit disappointing in terms of performance. For some reason my best runs always happen during the week even though I've worked all day. I'm stuck with the mentality that weekends are meant for play only and weekdays are meant for work so a 12 mile run just isn't going to happen.
From a more scientific rather than psychological point of view, my weekend running struggle could also have to do with the deterioration of my energizing, love-and-care-for my body kind of diet. Going out for dinner and drinks with the girls doesn't always help out the next morning.
During the weekday, I always eat a filling breakfast of wholegrains and healthy fats to keep my fueled up during the day. (That's why I'm so hooked on granola with a little yogurt right now.) Lunch is light but protein packed with some fruit. And then dinner always incorporates vegies, lots of them...but during the weekends this all falls apart and my body lets me know by protesting my attempts to keep training.
Nutrition has always been a passion of mine, along with running, and if people are interested all post running-fuel meal suggestions. Realistic ones that let you still enjoy life and don't make you think to hard or work to hard to prepare. I believe that the low-carb craze is a) a fading fad and b)detrimental to runners. The antioxidents, minerals, and electrolytes not mention just the pure carb-driven energizing power can often only come from carbs. Picking the right carbs and timing them in your daily intake is key to a good run, not to mention a good week.
Like I said, I'll come up with some menus if ya'll are interested and match them up with their daily benefits. Let me know.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well, great fourth of july weekend. Had a beautiful run Monday before the rain came in. I ran along the river and it was one of those days when its slow getting started but then once the rhythm kicks in you feel like you could run forever. You know?
Anyway, I have a new favorite running fuel-Bear Naked Granola (they make cereal and oatmeal too but right now I'm really into their granola). Its made from organic whole grains, and after sampling them at a moutain biking demo in Vermont, I've been ordering off their website. I've found that unlike a lot of breakfast foods it doesn't make me feel sick to run after eating, plus it comes in these little snack pack sizes that are great for work. Anyway, try it out, let me know.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Well, I have to admit that I never really saw myself starting a blog. I'm the kind of girl that just figured out how to use instant messenger last year. But, training for a marathon makes you do all kinds of crazy things. I want to use this page to talk about training and nutrition. To me, the key to making it through a marathon and not wanting to kill yourself during the race or during the training has a lot to do with what you eat.
Food can be fuel; it can be a motivator; it can be a reward. Im all about eating foods that taste good. Hopefully this blog, this journal or whatever you experienced bloggers call it, can be a place where runners exchange their experiences, successes, and failures in running, in life, in health.